This page consists of colored cases and variations for all Game Boy systems in the Game Boy line.

Game Boy/Play it Loud! Series (DMG-01) Edit


A plain off-white original Game Boy


A Play it Loud! Series Game Boy in clear (transparent)

Normal Colors (A.K.A. Basic Colors)

  • Off-White (First Game Boy color shell of the original Game Boy, and all of the Game Boy line systems) (1989)

Play it Loud! Series

  • Red (1995)
  • Black (1995)
  • Clear (Transparent, 1995)
  • Green (1995)
  • Yellow (1995)
  • White (1995, Japan only)
  • Blue (1995, Europe only)

Limited Edition Variants (A.K.A. Special Edition Variants)

  • Red with Manchester United logo (United Kingdom only)
  • Red with EB logo on it (UK EB Games - Sold with Killer Instinct, limited to 350 systems)
  • Black with Wario logo (UK - Contest Prize on Ghost Train show 1989 - 1991)*
  • Black with Fiat in the bottom-left (Won in contest)
  • Hot pink with Kirby logo (UK - Nintendo magazine contest - 1994)
  • Pink with heart logo (Won in a gameshow)
  • Off-white with Toyota logo (JP - Toyota car purchase - 1992)
  • Off-white with Hyundai logo (Korea)
  • Off-white with Altus Newing logo
  • Off-white with Milka cow logo
  • Off-white with Planet Hollywood logo
  • Off-white with Santa Clara Division logo
  • Off-white with Vivitar PMA Atlanta '93 in the bottom-left
  • Off-white with Kirin Beverage in the bottom-left
  • Off-white with Iveco Truck Ford with Commercial Motor in the bottom-left (Won in contest - 1991)
  • Off-white with Bee Ind logo
  • Off-white with JAL logo



  • Despite the Game Boy with the Altus Newing logo being an off-white shell, the Game Boy with the Altus Newing logo is actually the same as the white Play it Loud! Series Game Boy with the Altus Newing logo on it.

Game Boy Pocket (MGB-001)Edit

​Normal Colors (A.K.A. Basic Colors)

  • Silver (1996)
    150px-Gameboy Pocket

    A silver Game Boy Pocket

    Game Boy Pocket Black

    A black Game Boy Pocket

  • Red (1996)
  • Black (1996)
  • Clear (1996)
  • Green (1996)
  • Yellow (1996)
  • Blue (1996)
  • Pink (1996, Japan only)
  • Clear Purple (1996, Japan only)

Limited Edition Colors

  • Ice Blue (1997) (Some boxes were packed with Zelda)
  • Extreme Green (1997)
  • Emerald Green (1998) (Toys R Us JP)
  • Clear (Ice) blue (1996) (Toys R Us JP)
  • Silver w/ grey border (US, 1996)
  • Silver w/ black border (US, 1997)
  • Gold (Packaged with Donkey Kong Land) (EU, AUS)
  • Blue/Yellow (1997) blue front/yellow back. 'Swedish Limited Edition' with certificate, 3000ex made
  • Off-white (Patterned to the original Game Boy including the purple buttons)

Special Edition Variations

  • Nintendo Power 100th Issue Edition - gold w/ logo | This was available for purchase by the Nintendo Power adverts or by winning their 100th issue contest (1997)
  • Famitsu Limited Edition - clear (Japan, 1997)
  • ANA - clear blue w/ logo (Japan, 1997)
  • Atlus - white w/ light blue border (Japan, 1997)
  • Seibu Lions - blue w/ logo (Japan, 1997)
  • Hello Kitty/Uranai Party - pink w/ artwork (Japan, 1997)
  • Tamagotchi - Pink (Japan, 11/7/1997)
  • Thomas & Betts - blue w/ logo (Belgium)
  • Toyota - clear w/ logo[when?]
  • V Drink - green w/ logo (Australia)
  • Imagineer Glow-In-Dark - light green glowing in dark - Prize in Imagineers Multi Racing Championship [N64] Contest - 2000pcs made (Japan, 1996)


Game Boy Light (MGB-101, Japan only)Edit

  • Silver (1998)
  • Gold (1998)

Limited Edition Colors

  • Toys 'R' Us - Clear Yellow (Translucent Yellow, 1998)

Special Edition Variations

  • Astro Boy - Clear (Transparent) with artwork (1998)
  • Osamu Tezuka - Red with artwork (1998)
  • Famitsu F02 Event Version - Clear blue with white border (1998)
  • Famitsu F02 Mail Order Version - Clear blue with white border (1998)
  • Pokémon Center Tokyo - Yellow with logo and artwork (1998)
  • The Japanese Game Boy Light in Gold and Silver system are similar to the Gold and Silver Game Boy Pocket systems, however unlike the Game Boy Pocket, the Game Boy Light has a built in light that the light can be turned on or off.