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On March 20, 1995, Nintendo released several Game Boy models with colored cases, advertising them in the "Play It Loud!" campaign (Japanese name: Game Boy Bros. /ゲームボーイブロス/ゲームボーイブラザース). This new line of colored Game Boys would set a precedent for later Nintendo handhelds; the Game Boy Pocket, the Game Boy ColorGame Boy Advance (including the SP and Micro), all feature different colored units. Play It Loud! units were manufactured in red, green, black, yellow, white, blue, and clear (transparent) cases. The blue variant was only released in Europe and Japan, while white was a Japanese majority release with UK Toys R Us stores also getting it as an exclusive edition to them. The white remains the rarest of all the Play it Loud colors. A rare, limited edition Manchester United Game Boy is red, with the logos of the team emblazoned on it. It was released simultaneously with the Play it Loud! handhelds in the United Kingdom.



  • Although specifications for the Play it Loud! Game Boy are the same as the original Game Boy such as the monochromatic screen, the Play it Loud! Game Boy has different colors for the shells (high-tech transparent, vibrant yellow, radiant red, deep black, and etc.). Also, the buttons are dark gray instead of a black D-pad, burgundy A/B buttons, gray start-select buttons, and a gray power slider. As well as the screen lens are dark gray instead of the original gray on the off-white Game Boy.
  • The Traditional White Play it Loud! Game Boy is very similar to the original Nintendo Game Boy, but the traditional white Play it Loud! Game Boy has dark gray buttons, and the screen lens is dark gray.

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