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Game Boy Micro

The Silver Game Boy Micro.

Release Date JP: September 13, 2005
NA: September 19, 2005
CHN: October 1, 2005
AU: November 3, 2005
AU: November 4, 2005
KO: November 9, 2005
Discontinued BRA: 2008
JP: November 18, 2008
EU: October 16, 2009
NA: December 9, 2009
AU: 2009
CHN: 2009
KO: 2009
TAI: 2009
IND: 2009
Predecessor Game Boy Color (1998-2003)
Game Boy Advance (2001-2009)
Game Boy Advance SP (2003-2009)
Successor Nintendo DS (2004-2014)

The Game Boy Micro is a smaller version of the Game Boy Advance that was released in 2005, and was the last Game Boy system by Nintendo. It functions the same, but this system cannot play Game Boy or Game Boy Color games (due to its small size) unlike the original GBA and SP. This system can only play Game Boy Advance games. Also, it is said that the release of the original Nintendo DS on November 21, 2004 shortly before the release of the Micro in September 2005 and six months before the release of the DS Lite (which could both play GBA games, but not DSi) put it at a disadvantage, simply sending the Micro into Nintendo history, much like the release of the Game Boy Light in Japan with the Game Boy Color. This system was discontinued in December 2009, like its predecessors.