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Game Boy Light
Release Date JP.png April 14, 1998
Discontinued JP.png 2003
Predecessor Game Boy Pocket (1996-2003)
Successor Game Boy Color (1998-2003)

The Game Boy Light was the second and final revision of the original Game Boy. Released in April 1998, the Japan-exclusive handheld was the first and only Nintendo console to feature an electroluminescent backlit screen until the second version (AGS-101) of the Game Boy Advance SP was released in 2005.

Form factor wise, the Game Boy Light was a taller Game Boy Pocket with a hump-like battery cover to accommodate two AA batteries like the Game Boy Color after it. Hence, battery life is around 20 hours with the backlight off and 12 with the backlight on, compared to around 10 hours for the Pocket.

At launch, gold and silver were the only colours, with limited edition models in different colours available later.

The Game Boy Light was succeeded in Japan by the Game Boy Color just half a year later in October 1998.