Donkey Kong Country
DKC GBA Cartridge
NTSC Cartridge for Donkey Kong Country.
Developer Rareware
Publisher Nintendo
Release date NA: June 9, 2003
Genre Platformer
Modes Single Player
Rating ESRB

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Donkey Kong Country was been release in June 9, 2003 for Game Boy Advance.

Playable Characters Edit

Non Playable Characters Edit

Enemies Edit

Bosses Edit

Worlds Edit

  1. Kongo Jungle
  2. Money Mines
  3. Vine Vallery
  4. Gorilla Glacier
  5. Kremkroc Industries, Inc
  6. Chimp Caverns
  7. Gangplank Galleon

Videos Edit

File:Donkey Kong Country 20th Anniversary -- IGN Plays
This is the Gameplay.